North Carolina Battery Technology Workshop 2024

Battery Safety, Durability, and Sustainability

Nestled within Kings Mountain lies a rich deposit of lithium, among the largest in the United States. As leaders in battery technology and electric vehicles converge to establish research and manufacturing centers, North Carolina emerges as a frontrunner in advancing battery research, material processing, and end-to-end manufacturing. To foster collaborations between industry and academia, the BATT CAVE at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, introduces the inaugural North Carolina Battery Technology Workshop (NCBTW). Covering topics ranging from lithium mining to electric vehicle production, we invite you to join us and discover the innovative work being done by North Carolina’s industry and academic leaders.


Our speakers represent multiple universities and companies from around the state of North Carolina, as well as Oak Ridge National Lab in Tennessee, EC Power in Pennsylvania, and a special guest lecture from Dr. Jeff Dahn at Dalhousie University.

  • Dr. Jeff Dahn – Dalhousie University
  • Dr. Wenbin Yin – Celgard
  • Natalie Holzwarth – Wake Forest University
  • Austin Rouse – Economic Development Partnership of NC
  • Dr. Scott Warren – UNC Chapel Hill
  • Zheng Li – Lithium Industries
  • Miaofang Chi – Duke University
  • Dr. Brian McCarthy – EC Power Group
  • Chavonne Yee – Honeywell
  • Dr. Jian Xia – Arcadium Lithium
  • Dr. Killian Tallman – Albemarle
  • Xiaochuan Lu – NC A&T University
  • Kevin Wepasnick – In-Q-Tel

Organizing Committee:

Dr. Anthony Bombik
UNC Charlotte
Dr. Lin Ma
UNC Charlotte
Dr. Tiefu Zhao
UNC Charlotte

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