Autonomous Vehicles

BATT CAVE faculty conduct research on modeling, control, estimation, and planning for autonomous vehicles, including ground, air, and sea-based platforms and related cyber-physical systems.

Research Areas

  • Connected and autonomous vehicles and traffic network optimization
  • Human-machine interaction and haptic shared control
  • Marine robotics in environmental monitoring and naval applications
  • Multi-vehicle coordination for environment mapping and search
  • Path planning for autonomous and adaptive data collection 
  • Trajectory optimization via nonlinear optimal control

Project Examples

  • Adaptive sampling of a stationary Gaussian spatial process by a team of robots with heterogeneous dynamics and measurement noise variance
  • Planning visual inspection tours for a 3D Dubins airplane model in an urban environment
  • Model-predictive control of a network of autonomous quadrotors in an uncertain wind-field

Autonomous Robots and Systems Laboratory (ARSL)
The Human-Machine Interaction and Control Lab (THinC Lab)

Residential Faculty
Amirhossein Ghasemi
Artur Wolek